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Troubleshooting/ Instructions



Step 1) Rinse the Resin Dial and accessories, including the precision mesh filter discs and the filter guards in clean water before use.
Step 2) Insure Resin Dial is assembled with the appropriate filters in correct order and in locked position. Filter guards belong below mesh filters. 
Step 3) Mount Resin Dial to an appropriate reservoir or standard wide mouth canning jar. 
Step 4) Pour the mixture of liquid and particles to be separated into the barrel slowly. Stop if there is flow problems and wait patiently for the water to pass, continue pouring until there is no more to pour.
Step 5) Wait for the water to pass through the entire barrel and 3-ringed filter pod. If water is backing up, stop pouring and wait for there to be enough space in the barrel to continue pouring. If you do not troubleshoot this process correctly and work patiently, you will make a mess.
Step 6) Once water has passed through entirely, twist to unlock Resin Dial and begin disassembling to retrieve the results. 
—Larger pore filters will yield undesirable material. Small and medium filters will yield more desirable material.

During the design and testing phase, there was deliberate intention to limit components coming in contact with desirable material. With this came the removal of o-rings. Limiting components such as o-rings and washers helps with cleaning and maintenance. It also helps by not getting in the way of the retrieval process.

Knowing that there are no o-rings, it should be assumed that the barrel and 3-ringed filter pod will only take so much pressure. Never overload the barrel with pressure or too much of any kind of material that could block the flow of water. Remember, the Resin Dial is intended to be a low-volume filtration assembly. Always pour water gradually and incrementally.

Making a mess can be avoided and here’s how:

  1. Only pour as fast as the 3-ringed filter pod will allow. Pour gradually in stages so as to not overload the filter pod. 
  2. Replace clogged filters and pour again. Undesirable material can occasionally clog larger pore filters like 220μ and 180μ.
  3. Use filters larger than 40 micron for the first pour, this can speed up flow. Use smaller filters afterwards, when you are in less of a hurry. 
  4. Place a vacuum beneath the 3-ringed filter pod to speed up flow and to help retrieve desirable material. This one you will have to get creative with. Various coffee makers can work (one looks like an over-sized syringe). A 3 inch wide Büchner funnel with a vacuum applied could help too. 
  5. Filter guard gills can be cut off to help with the flow of water if absolutely needed.  


If you are having issues assembling Resin Dial components:

  1. Place pod on counter top and use that flat surface to help guide the connection. 
  2. Lighten your grip strength. 
  3. Gently drop pins into slots.
  4. Never force anything.