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Resin Dial ™ 2.0 Jet Black

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Resin Dial 2.0  -Jet Black-  Includes a barrel, 3-ringed filter pod, and a set of 7 removable precision filters (10pcs of each) ranging from 250 to 40 microns, along with 6 filter guards allows you to seamlessly start sampling and small batch processing right out of the box.

What’s inside in the box:

  • A Resin Dial 2.0 barrel and 3-ringed filter pod
  • 7 different removable precision filters (10pcs of each): 250μ, 180μ, 150μ, 120μ, 90μ, 70μ, 40μ
  • 6 filter guards (6pcs)

Proudly made in the USA

25μ will be back in stock soon.


In stock


Optimize production by lowering sample size: Resin Dial works best with small sample sizes which can save time and money. 

Versatile: Great for small personal batches at home. Anyone from the home user to the infield practitioner can benefit. 

Maintains traditional filtration bags:  Less wear on traditional filtration bags is one of the reasons Resin Dial was created. Sample low-volumes of sticky plant resin without worrying about ruining your bags while doing so.

Low profile: Can be weighed on the common food scale. Fits inside coolers and refrigerators. Many samples can fit inside a freeze dryer chamber.

Dial in a filter range: Shuffle through precision mesh filters to dial in a preferred filter range for your particular application. This can save time and effort later on when it’s time to go bigger.

FILTER GUARDS– make retrieval of contents from the rings easy and they double as a strainer for larger contents and debris.  

PRECISION DISC FILTERS (μ)– Certified food-grade featuring highly precise mesh openings. 

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 in


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