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Resin Dial ™ -Complete-

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What’s inside in the box:

  • A Resin Dial barrel and 3-ringed filter pod
  • 8 precision filter disc sizes (10pcs of each): 220μ, 180μ, 150μ, 120μ, 90μ, 70μ, 40μ, 25μ
  • 6 filter guards (6pcs)
  • Micron Markers

Proudly made in the USA

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Optimize production by lowering sample size: Resin Dial works best with small sample sizes which can save time and money. 

Versatile: Great for small personal batches at home. Anyone from the home user to the infield practitioner can benefit. 

Maintains traditional filtration bags:  Less wear on traditional filtration bags is one of the reasons Resin Dial was created. Sample low-volumes of sticky plant resin without worrying about ruining your bags while doing so.

Low profile: Can be weighed on the common food scale. Fits inside coolers and refrigerators. Many samples can fit inside a freeze dryer chamber.

Dial in a filter range: Shuffle through precision mesh filters to dial in a preferred filter range for your particular application. This can save time and effort later on when it’s time to go bigger.

FILTER GUARDS– make retrieval of contents from the rings easy and they double as a strainer for larger contents and debris.  

PRECISION DISC FILTERS (μ)– Certified food-grade featuring highly precise mesh openings. 

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 8 in

6 reviews for Resin Dial ™ -Complete-

  1. Issac

    Amazing product, great quality! No more guessing my yields.

  2. Holy Hashish

    So overall I was very impressed and happy with the quality of everything and how well it worked. Imo when it comes to small batch (I think 100 grams is about the threshold personally) pheno hunt runs nothing else comes close to being able to actually collect the resin. The small amount of material overall makes air drying even without a proper cold room more than doable (it’s what I did) but also could just easily pop those in the freeze dryer for a short cycle. My process was a normal jar wash for 5-10 minutes (fill jar with ice water and material and shake on and off) than allowing the trichome’s to sink to the bottom and straining out the plant material and ice and pouring the remaining mixture through the resin dial. I found that it was easiest, and the tolerances tight enough, to just fill it all the way up and let a little water leak out as it wicks but that’s not recommended so take that with a grain of salt. I tried several different combinations of screens and honestly for me personally what I found I liked the best was just running a 150-180 first filter and a 90u or 70u second filter and only doing the one collection and leaving the third filter empty. You can definitely run a 40u as well but for pheno hunting I’m not really interested in what falls below 70u and this way makes it drain significantly faster. The only “criticism” I would have and it’s not necessarily to do with the product but if you’re going to be doing more then 1-2 test washes the wick assist is almost a requirement and cuts drain time by 90%.

  3. John (verified owner)

    A necessity to any hash-makers toolbox. Gone are the days of forecasting yields or having to clean your entire bag setup just to test wash a hopeful phenotype. This device allows you to take a limited amount of fresh frozen (I tend to fall in the 30-40g area) and give it a mason jar agitation for a few minutes and then run it through a set of filters, similar to a bag set, on a micro level. A 5-7min agitation followed by a settling period, then poured through the resin dial with your choice of filter setup is easy as it gets. I like to use the extra filtration at the top (220 and 180) and catch everything in the 70. If you don’t allow it to fully drain you can spill, so be patient. Still with the resin dial, I am able to test wash multiple phenos in a day without any messy cleanup. Being compatible with standard wide mouth mason jars makes his thing even easier to integrate. Highly recommended.

  4. Jar Cannabis Co.

    Utilizing these tools (@resindial and @wickassist) makes for an efficient process and gives us the chance to taste test the rosin of each phenotype from seed for a true experience when selecting for large scale production.

  5. Symbiosis Solventless (verified owner)

    This tool was love at first sight. Finding new flavors of hash is what motivates me the most about growing cannabis. The process of sifting through endless seeds to find something can become quite an effort. The Resin Dial really helps make that process a breeze. Not only can we run through so many more samples in a short period of time, we can also plan our harvests by understanding the resin before taking down the entire plant. Such a rad device!

  6. Ballerheadstash (verified owner)

    The resindial has completely changed the game for me as far as pheno hunting for resin. I first saw this device demoed at Coffee and Donuts Tulsa and knew immediately that I needed one. Being a small batch grower and hashmaker, I don’t have the space or quantity of fresh frozen to pheno hunt on a large scale so I’ve relied on this device to pheno hunt for resin in ways I didn’t think was possible. I’m able to get the exact percentage of hash yield on any pheno I test, a sample of what the melt looks and smells like, and to take it one step further, I can fold up the melt on the micron screen, put it in a 2×3 sized rosin bag and press it, and get a sample of the rosin as well, all with roughly 15g of WPFF. These are all huge deciding factors on if the pheno is worth keeping or not. The only downside to the device is that it can drain slow sometimes, but when paired with the Wickassist from Humphrey Hashish, it solves this problem so I highly recommend purchasing one of those if you’re doing more than let’s say, 10 phenos at a time. This tool is an investment, and with the phenos I’ve been able to choose and then put out in production, I can definitely say I’ve made the investment back and more. If you’re serious about dialing in your pheno hunts for resin, this is the tool you need.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is if you’re taking a sample from your mid/bottom branches, and then you wash the entire plant in production, the resindial yield will be about 1-2% lower than what you would get in production if you wash all the tops. Example, I get like a 2.5% yield on the resindial results, then in production im getting 3.5%-4.5% yield when I wash the entire plant. Just something I’ve noticed for my situation, may not apply to everyone.

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